Announcing the ACloudster Alliance

Announcing the ACloudster Alliance: An SAP Cloud Partner Group
Partnering Globally, Delivering locally.

Palma Mallorca, 19 February 2020: ACloudster announces that 9 SAP Gold Partners have joined forces to form an Alliance to deliver global projects reducing the risk for organisations to roll out SAP Business ByDesign globally. The 9 leading local partners serve and support small to mid-sized SAP users on-site and across the globe using the same quality standards, local languages, and of course experience in local legal and fiscal requirements.

Together, the alliance has carried out more than 200 SAP projects, many of which are International. The alliance’s partners currently employ more than 150 SAP Business ByDesign consultants and more then 15.000 Users are covered.

ACloudster’s Henrik Hausen, CEO All4cloud and Pierre Gueguen, CEO Ubister announced “Over the past year, we have been curating, selecting and working with an exceptional network of Gold Partners to introduce a strategic collaborative Alliance that can help organisations streamline global implementations. We believe that no one else offers the complete digital transformation solution on a global basis. We know from our clients that they are comfortable with SAP Business ByDesign but implementation and standards across the globe vary dramatically. ACloudster offers genuine and practical support allowing customers a standardised process, at a pace that suits them, reducing risk at a level of investment that guarantees transformation success as expected.”

SAP’s Rainer Zinow said “SAP sells exceptional products and it is clear that the ACloudster Alliance brings together a single team of experts intent on helping ambitious companies achieve their goals through the implementation of SAP’s intelligent ERP, Business ByDesign. Through automation, modern companies can integrate every aspect their business from Finance and Sales to HR and workforce management, doing it globally has always been a challenge, with the ACloudster Alliance that will not be the case anymore.”

Peter Ouëndag, managing Director of INSynQ states “By becoming a member of the ACloudster alliance, INSynQ increases her potential to deliver projects globally while maintaining the feel of local projects. We are proud to be part of the alliance that has so much knowledge of Sap Business ByDesign.”

Henrik and Pierre added “We are stronger together, partnering globally delivering locally.”

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About is a global alliance of SAP Cloud Partner companies. Members include All4Cloud, ALTEAUP, INSynQ, Orchard House Solutions, O&S Consultores, SNAP International, Tech Sonic, Ubister, and VistaVu Solutions. The Alliance operates in over 40 countries at the SAP Gold Partner level.

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