SAP Business ByDesign is taking the next step; Invoice scanning

SAP Business ByDesign is taking the next step; Invoice scanning 21 Aug 2020

Suppliers often send their invoices digitally, they enter your inbox as a PDF-file, a few even come by post. So far, this invoice has to be scanned and uploaded through OCR-software in SAP Business ByDesign. After this, a supplier invoice is created. Since the invoice is created immediately, you do not have the option to check and/or adjust it before a final invoice is created. Another possibility is that you manually put the invoices in your system; an error-prone and time-consuming activity that can save a lot of time and money.

New functionalities in SAP Business ByDesign
Since the 20.08 release it is possible to upload your PDF-invoice directly into SAP Business ByDesign. Or, if you work with large numbers, the PDF-invoices can be automatically uploaded to your ERP system via SAP Business ByDesign plug in “Collaboration Window”.

In addition, SAP Business ByDesign now also offers the possibility to check and edit the invoice before permanently placing it as an invoice into your system. The percentage of correct invoices you register in your system increases.

With the start of invoice scanning for all incoming supplier invoices, it becomes possible for you to automate the entry of invoices without the use of OCR software. Do you already have this software? Then you may want to consider stopping it. SAP Business ByDesign’s new functionality makes you work faster and more accurately. In addition, you have the option to check and/or change supplier invoices before placing the final invoice in your system.

Do you also want to use the new invoice scanning functionality? INSynQ is ready to help you! Within one day, our consultants will take care of implementing the functionality. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your purchasing process and is your organisation able to independently use the solution after we leave.

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