Capacity increase via inventory in SAP EWM

Few warehouses put the inventory process at the top of the priority list. When you look at a warehouse’s priority list, the moving processes are often the most important and especially the outgoing movements. But the warning may well be issued to those companies that under-identify the inventory. A too low frequency of inventory control will ultimately also affect the output of your moving processes. However, there is also understanding for warehouses that feel the pressure of achieving SLAs and using all available capacity to secure those targets, ignoring the importance of the inventory process.

But what if the inventory process can largely integrate into the moving processes? What if during the putaway process the warehouse location is already counted with a simple action in the RF scanner. This is also the case during the picking process, which can be confirmed as with a short action that the location is empty. Then, for all locations visited during the putaway and pick process, no more stocktaking is needed within the current inventory period.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management has functionalities such as: “putaway physical inventory” and “low/zero stock check” which are intended for integration with moving processes such as putaway and picking. With this integration you take away many elements from the structural inventory process with which you can use the resulting capacity for other priorities within your warehouse. In this way, the most affected and therefore most important locations are checked and stock availability becomes a guarantee without investing additional capacity in it.

INSynQ offers expertise in the field of inventory and would like to work with you to see how your inventory process pays off the most. With the flexibility of SAP EWM and the pragmatic view of INSynQ, we put your inventory at the top of the priority list.

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