Lanubia Consulting

Lanubia Consulting

Quality wines need a long-term ripening process to get the right taste, smell and texture. Some acquisition processes also need time to come to fruition. The collaboration between LaNubia and INSynQ in professional services (PS24) is a striking example of this. The first contacts between the two companies date from two and a half years ago. What is in the barrel does not sour, according to owner Rigo Selassa. 'At the first meeting I already got a good impression of INSynQ', he explains. 'When the time was right, we teamed up and jointly successfully implemented PS24.'

Lanubia Consulting

'Our process- and system-level collaboration in the implementation of PS24 is bearing fruit'

As a management consultant at a leading financial services provider, Rigo Selassa runs ERP projects at large clients. The daily hectic pace seems to break him down. The need for a sabbatical is increasing and Curaçao also attracts him. Here he wants to realize his dream: to build a villa for his family. “My employer didn’t want to pay for my sabbatical,” he continues. ‘That’s why I quit my job in 2014, left to my birthplace and started as a freelancer for myself.’

“'It works very well when you speak the same language, can philosophize about the advantages and disadvantages of certain options and half a word is enough to make decisions'”

Cloud solutions in SAP

The start of LaNubia is a fact. The choice for this company name is conscious. Lanubia means ‘the cloud’ in Spanish. With his new company in Curaçao, Rigo Selassa focuses on cloud solutions in SAP for business transformations of companies. ‘We see it as a challenge to bridge the gap between information technology and business’, he explains. ‘Data science plays a crucial role in our innovative approach. Our consultants are using data and process analyses to make strategic decisions. For example, they use models to draw up risk profiles, to predict future maintenance and ultimately to improve the service to customers.’


Streamlining processes

Initially, the focus of LaNubia from its location in Curaçao is on customers in the Caribbean and South America. Currently, the company also has a European branch in the Netherlands. And plans for a branch in India – to serve the Asian market – are on the horizon. ‘If you run multiple intercontinintic projects, the need for a powerful ERP system to streamline all processes between the regions grows’, he continues his story. ‘In the search for the right system for professional services, we are once again coming to INSynQ. The click is good and there is mutual trust. We decide to run a pilot of PS24 together with project managers, keyusers and consultants.’



Of course Rigo Selassa has gained plenty of experience with SAP as a consultant. Detailed knowledge of SAP Business By Design – the platform on which PS24 is based – is lacking. This technical knowledge on a detailed level is abundantly available at INSynQ. To solve this gap, LaNubia and INSynQ therefore opt for a division of roles, in which the strength of both companies comes into its own. ‘The people at INSynQ take care of the technical implementation of PS24’, explains Rigo Selassa. ‘They fine-tune PS24 as we think the system should work in practice. In the meantime, LaNubia prepares keyusers in training to use the system.’


Successful pilot

The pilot of PS24 covers 2 months: the test phase will take place in December 2020 and the start-up phase in January 2021. The people of LaNubia are impressed by the time span of 24 hours within which the specialists had the cloud application run on a technical level. After those 24 hours, the work really starts. ‘The power of a cloud application is that it always works’, says Rigo Selassa. ‘It is important to prepare the business very well for this. After all, there are large cultural differences between Curaçao, the Netherlands and India in the way of working and the applicable laws and regulations.


Simplify and streamline processes

According to Rigo Selassa, it was a challenge to simplify and streamline the work instructions and procedures in such a way that everyone can work with them. Think of an identical way of time registration, invoicing and reporting. The team at INSynQ has helped us very well in this standardization process. If this adoption of the application succeeds, we will have the most important key to success in our hands.’

Higher level

From scratch, LaNubia has therefore taken the step to a standard application together with INSynQ. After the successful pilot period, it is now important to take PS24 as a tool to a higher level. ‘The optimisation process contains two pillars: a technology component and a business component’, explains Rigo Selassa. ‘We are now gradually taking up the challenge of refining the application. First we bring the tool at process level to the desired level. From there we are going to take next steps. No doubt we run into system technical questions where we are happy to use the help and expertise of INSynQ.’

Same language

Rigo Selassa looks back with great pleasure on the collaboration with the project manager and the consultants of INSynQ. He sees many similarities in the way of working between the two companies. ‘It works very well when you speak the same language, can philosophize about the advantages and disadvantages of certain options and half a word is enough to makedecisions’, he summarizes the similarities. ‘In the future, our SME customers will also be able to reap the benefits of our collaboration in which INSynQ brings in the necessary knowledge and experience at system level and LaNubia at process level.

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