Citrus Andriessen streamlines business processes with SAP Business ByDesign

Citrus Andriessen streamlines all its business processes and financial administration with SAP Business ByDesign. The supplier of digital testing solutions benefitsfrom a greatly simplified billing process. SAP partner INSynQ supervised the implementation.

Citrus Andriessen provides digital testing solutions. The software supports safe and efficient development, administration and correction of tests, and also offers all kinds of analysis options. The clientele is wide. The company not only supplies educational institutions, but also provides the assessment system for the integration exams of DUO and the Wft exams for the financial sector.

The company has grown strongly in recent years. To enable further growth, a modernization of the IT landscape was necessary. Citrus Andriessen used various outdated systems for all processes surrounding customer contact, HR, sales and administration, which were hardly integrated at all. Many processes went through paper or Excel. A situation that no longer matched the growth ambition.

Reason enough for Citrus Andriessen to replace all systems at once with a modern, cloud-based ERP platform. “We supply high-quality technology. Then it is strange if the systems for your own business operations lag behind, ”says Berry van der Haring, responsible for the financial processes at Citrus Andriessen.

Practical benefits
With the arrival of SAP Business ByDesign, Citrus Andriessen has a modern, integrated and cloud-based solution for all internal business processes. The company also embraced the standard processes, included in the solution.. “Employees have to get used to that, because previously we didn’t have well-defined processes. Fortunately, they also see the practical benefits of it.”

A good example of such a practical advantage is the relaxed billing process. “Scanning and printing invoices, as we did before, is no longer necessary. Everything is done digitally. Previously we had to struggle through Excel sheets to find out price agreements. Now these agreements and all deadlines are fixed in the solution. That makes generating invoices a lot easier. Moreover, you can rely on the fixed prices in the system. This not only saves manual input, but it also saves time normally used for checking.”

Close integration
Another big advantage is the closely related integration between sales and finance. This also provides more insight on the work floor. “Our understanding of the sales funnel has greatly improved thanks to SAP Business ByDesign. In addition, we can easily convert opportunities into quotes and orders, and a quick insight about customer status is now much better. At a glance, we can also provide management and shareholders with current reports. We can continuously forecast, instead of working for a year with a fixed set of targets.”

HR also benefits. “Business ByDesign offers an integrated environment for payroll and personnel administration. Figures on absence and hiring external workers are more transparent, as are expiring contracts from employees,” continues Van der Haring. Another advantage, according to Van der Haring, is better control of tendering processes. “Because these routes are easy to follow, we are sure that we do not miss any deadlines.”

Pragmatic approach
The implementation process was technically not difficult. “An SME has the same processes as a large company, but considerable less resources. In addition, many employees were almost genetically linked to old working methods. This of course poses challenges, also because daily business simply had to continue during the implementation process,” says Peter Ouëndag, Managing Director of INSynQ. “The processes were not complicated. We have therefore opted for a pragmatic approach, with scrum / agile projectmanagement approach. There were no defined processes as a starting point, so we were able to stick rather easily to the standard working methods as they are in SAP Business ByDesign. We were able to take steps quickly by training on the job.”