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Corporation ByDesign for Housing Corporations

The business operations in small and medium-sized enterprises impose specific requirements on the necessary functionalities of ERP software. And within SMEs, there is another subdivision in sectors or sectors that are struggling with their own problems. As a premium SAP partner, the challenge for INSynQ is to take this into account when developing, implementing and maintaining SAP solutions. From this perspective, Corporation ByDesign was born. This SAP cloud solution is tailor-made for housing associations.

Customer cockpit: all data visible at a glance

The demo version of Corporation ByDesign is fully tailored to the business processes of housing associations. This SAP application offers functional solutions for: periodic real estate management and maintenance; complaint handling, plus the creation of internal and external service orders for mechanics and contractors; allocating a property to tenants (leases); insight into paid and outstanding invoices and the number of contact moments with tenants. All available data can be seen from the customer cockpit at a glance. This information is also available as reporting in an instant. For example, housing associations can easily be accountable to the government and show how they spend public money on social housing projects.

100% integrated cloud solution

Like Business ByDesign, the version is a fully integrated cloud solution for housing associations. The tool is therefore equipped with all the necessary basic functionalities: from finance to human resource management. As a cloud solution, this application offers plenty of functional and financial benefits. For example, housing associations no longer need additional software or links to external interfaces. Storage and management are also well regulated. SAP controls maintenance and product releases from a central server. You don’t have to worry about that. This service is included in the price of a license.

Solution for housing associations

Especially for housing associations, developers of INSynQ have developed an innovative tool. They link a self-developed sensor to SAP software and carry out various measurements within a house or apartment complex. For example, it is possible to measure the concentration of carbon monoxide, the temperature, smoke development or the amount of decibels (in case of noise pollution) in a house. In case of faults or too high values, a technician is quickly controlled via a clutch in SAP. Curious about this solution? INSynQ will present this innovation during the next edition of the Corporation Square: 26 September in Houten.

Make an appointment?

The consultants of INSynQ do not know the business of housing associations from the inside out. As a demo version, this cloud solution is still in the primer. We would like to paint and varnish this online tool, so that users can get away with it in practice. That’s why we like to get in touch with experienced professionals from housing associations. Together with you, we want to take Corporation ByDesign to the next level. For this we will use brainstorming sessions, workshops and coaching on location. Would you like to contribute to this? Call 040-800 1500 or fill out the form below.

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