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Digital transformation among housing associations

Collaboration is an advantage

The slogan: “Think big, start small, scale-up or fail” is the basis of successful innovative digital transitions. By making a holistic vision, a housing corporation can gain real insight into the processes that they currently experience as difficult and draw up a plan for how to deal with the digital transformation in the coming years. This plan makes it possible to start with new technology on a small scale and to scale up easily in order to be successful in this way.

The collaboration between the housing corporation, municipalities, chain partners, tenant and government has never been more important than it is now. And how do we deal with energy transition and sustainability at the same time? We have now learned that the energy transition is going much faster than predicted and we must continue to act on this so that we do not lag behind. The same applies to the use of Internet-of-Things, which involves switching between sensors that indicate in advance that maintenance is required on, for example, an elevator.

The answer to this depends on each housing association, which is why it is so important to make a good plan with clear agreements and a timeline. Start now, and make a plan Making a holistic plan is not as difficult as it seems, although we have to start with it. Because once it is on paper where we want to develop, we can link this to technology. INSynQ can support you with this plan so that we can make a proof-of-concept together. The result is a digital core that is ready for the future, whereby the housing corporation can connect to new technologies.

Intelligent housing association

Based on the proof-of-concept, INSynQ translates the design into the actual solution. It also looks at your current IT landscape and the synergies that can be derived from it. Often applications have been purchased in the past that are now unnecessary because they are now standard in the solution. And, for example, no updates are made in the ERP system because the costs for the integrations are too high. If you are an intelligent housing association, you will no longer be bothered by this. We at INSynQ are based on a digital core.

A core system: Corporation ByDesign

INSynQ Corporation ByDesign is based on SAP Business ByDesign whereby we have set up the specific housing association processes. By using the latest SAP technology, which is based on the SAP HANA database, the housing association is able to steer real-time on data from this digital core. The advantages of INSynQ Corporation ByDesign:

  • No investments in IT hardware and IT management;
  • Pay per use model, so flexible up and down scaling;
  • From CAPEX to OPEX;
  • Real-time insight through integrated analysis and reporting (built on the SAP HANA database);
  • The desired functionality always and everywhere available and insights through standard available mobile applications;
  • A short implementation using a proven methodology;
  • Built-in help functionality;
  • Based on sophisticated end-to-end processes that increase the efficiency in your organization;
  • Uses the highly secured SAP data center which are ISO certified;
  • No additional investments for the purchase and management of an extensive system landscape, security and backup;
  • 4 automatic updates per year so that your system always complies with the latest version;


INSynQ will be happy to discuss a plan with you for a Proof-of-Concept so that your housing association can also enjoy the benefits of the digital core. Would you like more information about our strategy? Call us at 040-800 1500 or fill in the form below.

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