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Famous explorers have mapped the new world. Marco Polo owes his fame to his trips to the Far East. The best known of all – the Italian Christopher Columbus – made the history books as the discoverer of America. Portuguese Ferdinand Magalhaen led the first sailing trip around the world. David Livingstone, a Scottish missionary, traversed the African continent. And the Norwegian Roald Amundsen was the first to make a successful expedition to the South Pole.

Parable of explorers and INSynQ

Do you, as an engineer or consultant, feel drawn to the intransigence and drive of these well-known explorers? INSynQ does. There is a striking agreement between these 5 adventurers and our company philosophy. Our employees are also adventurous, are not easily dismayed by adversity, sail against the current if desired and are determined to achieve their goal. These so-called soft skills are often not mentioned on the CV of a new employee. And INSynQ is looking for the ‘soft side’ of future engineers and consultants.

Create team feeling

INSynQ works in various teams, with a clear division of roles. The team leader plays the role of coach. He or she inspires, encourages, coaches and tries to bring out the best in the team members. Just like within a sports team, diversity is important. A football team with 11 Messi’s will undoubtedly play beautiful, offensive football, but will also get many goals against. We want to be distinctive in this diversity. Performing together is not possible without personal attention, interest in each other, focus on individual development and time for relaxation.

Joint activities

Team members feel the open corporate culture of INSynQ. They visit each other after working hours, take the initiative to organize team outings and joint activities and stand up for each other. When the arc is tense, the common eye is on the bulls eye. If the arch is not tense, INSynQ also involves the home front. Think of the joint activities that we organize with Sinterklaas, Christmas, anniversaries or birthdays. For work meetings, brainstorming sessions or other activities, we have created inspiring spaces named after 5 famous explorers: the Marco Polo Meeting room, the Columbus Chamber, the Magalhaen Mark, the Livingstone Lounge and the Amundsen Area.
Stimulating growth

The best boy in the class does not necessarily have to be the ideal employee for INSynQ. Much more important is the match between you as an employee and the team. Do you not like our corporate culture? Or are you more of a loner than a team player? In both cases, this click is most likely missing. INSynQ loves entrepreneurial employees and gives plenty of room for own initiative. Those are not empty words. No, we turn words into action. The Innovation Board was created as a platform to give innovative ideas wings. It is in our DNA to give innovation a chance. Everyone benefits from this: you as an individual employee, the team and of course also the customer, for which we do it all.

Are you going on an adventure?

We are looking for adventurous SAP consultants who recognize themselves in the action of famous explorers. Your career at INSynQ is not an unwritten page or a smooth sea. Together with you we go on an adventure, we determine a (final) destination and outline a route. In practice, this is not a straight path from A to B. Together with your teammates you will navigate, maneuver, innovate and perform. Of course we keep a close eye on the work-life balance along the way. We want you to grow: as a colleague and as a person. Do you as a person have this baggage and do you dare the adventure? Call us at 040-800 1500 or fill in the form below.

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