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MADD: Merges and acquisitions

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SAP VAT-Assessment

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SAP Warehouse Management

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SAP Business ByDesign

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SAP Customized Support

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SAP Turn-a-Round

In MADD-projects, company affiliates and business divisions are either merged, acquired, or sold. The abbreviation MADD is defined as Merger, Acquisition, Disentanglement of Divestment. Merges and acquisitions are highly complex processes, and the same applies to disentanglement of business parts. Business process redesigning always implies difficult change management issues, also in the IT field. INSynQ supports the IT department with technical aspects for optimal routing in the change management processes. We assist you in the redesigning of business processes, while closely monitoring a seamless embedding of your (ERP-) system in the architectural infrastructure. This includes a professional expert attitude, who will optimize the business needs of management, stakeholders and key users, and your IT-department (de)centralized roles and its responsibilities.


MADD-projecten are often related to strict deadlines. But, quite frequently, the IT-department will be informed about business changes at a later stage. While decisions have been taken already, these will definitely have implications for IT-department. Changes and adjustments in IT-activities must be re-prioritized. INSynQ will assist IT-departments in making the right choices at the right time, while guaranteeing the quality of IT-activities outcome. A fast and pragmatic approach is key in this phase.


Our business consultants have a broad experience in supporting merges and acquisitions. They are very well capable to supervise and manage when merging, acquiring or desintangling business parts. We use our expertise portfolio diagrammes to position business risks and issues, in order to define the right path from insight to action. This will include the most appropriate tool to acquire relevant insight in data and processes.


Do you wish to merge, acquire, or desinvest business parts? And would you like to be supported in technical aspects? MADD-project will be an excellent methodology for your company. Would you like to have more information about MADD-project? Please, ask your question by using online contactform. We will contact you as soon as possible, to answer your question.

SAP VAT scan

If your company is active at global level, you will face complex VAT supply chain directives. Not only you have to deal with complicated legal aspects. Also, you have to meet substantial requirements, which may vary country wise. As an enterpreneur, it may be problematical to have a clear survey of complications at all time. The INSynQ SAP VAT-scan will easily show a first impression of all fiscal risks.


It simply takes one day after the SAP VAT-scan is executed, to give you an insight in fiscal risks you might likely encounter. At start, our specialist will ask you 30 questions. Accordingly, your answers are processed and analyzed. At the end, the same person will discuss the outcome with you. Results are plotted in a graph. This visual will show your relevant VAT-processes. All processes will be commented, whenever more attention is necessary or not.


To have a clear overview of all fiscal risks is crucial. Almost all VAT Supply chains are complex, since it includes multiple suppliers, customers and cross border transactions. Whenever you do not meet international VAT-directives, you will risk fines or additional VAT-charges. Our VAT-scan gives a clear picture of the entire VAT-process. It is a major first step towards having the VAT-process in control.


What if the VAT-scan implies you will encounter major risks? We advise you to do a VAT-assessment by INSynQ. During the VAT-assessment, we will start with a profound analysis of your VAT-risks. We continue the procedure, by documenting a projectplan for improvement, including all actions to control the issues and risks.


Would you like to have an overview of all your VAT risks and issues? The INSynQ SAP VAT-Scan is an excellent tool for you. Do you want more information about this scan? Please ask your question in online contactform. We will contact you as soon as possible, to answer your question.

SAP VAT Assessment

At first, the SAP VAT-assessment gives an overview of all international transactions related to products and/or services. Based on this survey, we identify your fiscal risks. With the INSynQ SAP VAT-scan, you will obtain a first scan of all your VAT-risks. During the SAP VAT-Assessment, we will profoundly investigate your business processes, and all potential threats are listed.


During a SAP VAT-assessment, a GAP-analysis will help to survey the differences between current situation and desired outcome. Simultaneously, we will analyze your ERP-system related to:

  • What transactions (products and/or services) does your organisation use?
  • Does your organisation use the correct VAT-percentages?
  • Does your company respect the actual, fiscal legislations?
  • Which are in-and-outgoing invoice flows?

The complexity of processes in your organisation will determine the processing time of the assessment. Normally, our experts will finish an in-depth analysis in a few days.


An INSynQ expert will do the first analysis, and accordingly describe the VAT-risks. The next step is to aim at minimizing these risks. Processing all improvements is closely together, including updating your current SAP-system. After the update, you do not need to worry anymore about on-time correct sales tax declarations. These declarations are all automatic. Risks, encountered during the assessment are now sealed and solved. The probability of fines and/or additional taks charges are now minimized to an acceptable level.

To get ready for horizontal supervision

The advantage of SAP VAT-Assessment is minimizing fiscal risks. But, there is a second advantage. You are qualified for horizontal supervision by Tax Authorities, if your business processes are all manageable. Then, you can show your accountancy processes to be correctly defined and financial administration according to national legislation law. The INSynQ VAT-Assessment is an excellent tool to get ready for horizontal supervision.


Would you like your company to get ready for horizontal supervision? Or do you wish an in-depth analysis of your fiscal risks? Then, the INSynQ SAP VAT-Assessment is the right choice. Would you like to know more about the assessment? Please, ask your question via online contactform. We will contact you as soon as possible, to answer your question.

SAP Warehouse Management

INSynQ has a clear, no-nonsense solution for implementing or optimizing SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM) or SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM). Upon configuring SAP WM, our experts are prioritizing logistic processes, while respecting roles and responsibilities of all people involved.

Tailor made approach

Our experts will start with a standard SAP WM setup. From here onwards, they will convert processes in your distribution centre into a tailor made approach in a timebox. It goes without saying, that restrictions in the standard SAP-system will be taken into account.


Since our senior experts have an extensive SAP-knowledge, INSynQ is also active in integrating your current SAP-system with other SAP-modules, such as SAP SD/MM. Additionally, our experts do have experience with the integration of handhelds and other ERP-systems in your distributioncentre and/or external partners.

More information?

Would you like to improve the business processes in your distribution centre? Then, SAP Warehouse Management is an excellent choice. Moreover, together with a customized SAP Support, we have a powerful module for your SAP WM supportorganisationbeheerorg. Are you interested? You can contact us via online contactform. We will contact you as soon as possible, to discuss your request.

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign offers business solutions for companies having an headcount of more than 5 employees. Userfriendly solutions with an optimal price/quality ratio, which can be implemented in a short timeframe. Solutions, having a quick business acceptance, optimal linkage with other applications, and efficient data interchange ability for real-time insight in business processes.

Complete on-demand ERP-solution

SAP Business ByDesign is the most complete on-demand ERP-solution for small and midsize companies and affiliates of large size organizations. SAP Business ByDesign has all relevant functionalities to support the needs of all levels in your organization.

  • Corporate Performance
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • CRM, Sales & Marketing
  • Service & Support
  • Human Resource Management

No investment in IT hardware and IT support

SAP Business ByDesign is completely on-demand. On-demand no longer means investing in IT hardware and IT-support, but transparent and controlled costs, maximum availability and an optimal safe ERP-environment. Via a secure internet connection, as well as standard webbrowser, you will have 24/7 access to your business tooling and reports, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

More than 40 embedded business scenarios

Based on more than 40 years best practices, SAP Business ByDesign can be implemented fast. More than 40 business scenarios are predefined and embedded in the software, for direct optimal roll out. And of course, SAP Business ByDesign software can be modified, since business needs will always change in dynamic markets. Nowadays, SAP Business ByDesign has a complete new user interface, designed for maximum productivity of the enduser. This was realized by starting from the individual role of each employee, giving them an integrated learning environment and extensive analysis functions. In short: SAP Business ByDesign will meet all your expectations to fulfil the business need of all users and management of the company.


  • No investment in IT hardware and IT support;
  • Pay per use model for flexible up- and downsizing to avoid desinvestments;
  • Obtain real-time insight through integrated analysis and reporting functionality (built in SAP HANA database);
  • Availability 24/7 (anyplace, anytime, anywhere) of required functionality and insights with standard mobile applications;
  • Fast implementation and an increase of efficiency within your organization, through built-in modernized end-to-end business processes;
  • Reliable and excellently secured SAP data centers, from which you work in your SAP Business ByDesign environment. There is no need for additional investments to acquire and support an extensive system landscape, security and backup. SAP guarantees that your data stays in your legal entity. This means a total control in security, data reliability and availability.

Optimal usage of business strengths

SAP Business ByDesign is supporting 2-tiermodel, to benefit the strenghts of your organisational structure: power and stability of the holding, as well as the alertness , flexibility and customer relations of its affiliates. SAP Business ByDesign is seamlessly linked tot the on-premise and/or on demand SAP-environment of the holding. Your affiliates will show an improved performance, while you will still be in control.

(Partial)solutions via SAP-Store

SAP Business ByDesign is differentiating through an extensive pallet of tailor made SAP-modifications to meet your market related business requirements. International partners and customers are all offering (partial)solutions from SAP-Store. SAP is also giving you with Cloud Studio the possibility to realize adjustments, changes and interfaces.

More information?

Would you like to know more about SAP Business ByDesign? Or do you have questions about this INSynQ solution, having clear respectful references? Please, ask your question via online contactform. We will contact you as soon as possible to answer your question.

Customized SAP-Support

Does your company use SAP software? With SAP customized support, INSynQ is focussing on companies having a need in professional functional support. In practice, support of SAP software is not an easy task. An INSynQ senior SAP business consultant can help you to support the SAP system, as well as keeping it in active mode as optimal as possible. SAP functional customized support is a flexible support concept, which means that SAP experts are working for you.


When you outsource your SAP supportactivities to INSynQ, one of our SAP business consultants will visit you on site periodically. Together with a permanent counterpart key user of your company, we will closely monitor your ERP-system to find issues and to solve them, accordingly. Are you facing issues, when our consultant is not on site? Please, do not hesitate to contact INSynQ. Our SAP business consultants are always there for you!


During optimization of your SAP system, it is of utmost importance, that the SAP system works as best as possible. Together with you, we will configure your SAP system highly efficient. Our specialists have an extensive knowledge and knowhow of implementations , and are highly capable in giving advises for improvements or optimizations of business processes. Our INSynQ SAP specialist will configure seamlessly all required SAP functionalities in your business processes.

More information?

At INSynQ, we work with a practical oriented attitude. In projects, we always find the synergy between business processes, personally related aspects, and the SAP system. Do you need more information about customized SAP Support? Or do you have questions about this powerful INSynQ solution? Please, ask your question via online contactform. We will contact you as soon as possible, to answer your questions.

SAP Turn-a-Round

Did you already start at reclassifying your SAP software, but you are facing several problems? Your well defined project plan is diverging from objective, and is not in sync with your business processes? Or, is professional assistance highly desired? Companies, who have to deal with unsuccesful projectimplementation can approach INSynQ to uplift their project successfully. Project ‘Turn-a-Round’ is key in our solution. Together with you, we will find the most optimal methodology to align your business process in the SAP system.


An INSynQ specialist will assist you in aligning business processes and SAP system most optimally. For spotless implementation, all our senior business consultants have a profound SAP knowledge and excellent knowhow of business processes. This integral approach from both technical as well as organisation point of view will highly contribute to synergy between people, processes and system. This methodology has resulted in many succesful SAP implementations.


A SAP-implementation will lead you through organizational changes. And in addition, you constantly have to make important business decisions. In all stages, our senior business consultants will act as counterparts. The objective is to process the Turn-a-Round as smooth as possible. No time for SAP issues, because INSynQ is not linked to corporate goals of an implementation partner. The advantage of being independent, will include a safe, sound and critical view during Turn-a-Round to uplift the project quality constantly. Together with you, we will keep focussing closely your SAP-system to always be in sync with your business processes.


Do you wish to redesign business processes and are you aiming at the right synergy in the SAP-system? The SAP Turn-a-Round project of INSynQ might be the right fit. Are you interested? Please, contact us through online contactform. We will approach you soon, to discuss your request.