SAP VAT assessment

The SAP VAT assessment maps your international goods and/or service transactions and identifies your tax risks. Where our VAT scan is based on an initial global assessment of your VAT risks, this product will launch an in-depth investigation into your business processes to identify any hazards.


A SAP VAT assessment maps out the differences between the current situation and the desired situation. This is also called a GAP analysis. During this analysis, your ERP system will be analysed on the following points:

  • What goods and/or service flows does your organisation have to deal with?
  • Are the VAT rates currently used correct?
  • Is current legislation applied?
  • What are the incoming and outgoing invoice flows?

How much time an assessment takes depends on the complexity of the processes within your organization. We are usually able to conduct an in-depth analysis for you within a few days.


Once the analysis has been carried out and the VAT risks have been identified, we will work with you to minimise these risks. We will personally go through the improvement process with you and we will work on updating your current SAP system. With an updated system, you no longer have to worry about the timely and correct declaration of your sales tax, this all goes automatically. The risks that came to light during the assessment are addressed directly in the improvement process so that the risk of fines and/or after-charges are minimized.


In addition to reducing the tax risks, the SAP VAT assessment has another advantage. Because your business processes have been made manageable, you can be eligible for horizontal monitoring at the tax authorities. Because you have shown that you are able to take care of your own accounting correctly. Therefore the VAT assessment of INSynQ is also ideal to prepare your company for this.


Do you want to prepare your company for horizontal monitoring or have an in-depth investigation of your tax risks? Then the SAP VAT assessment is for you. You can request more information here.