SAP VAT scan

When you do business internationally, you automatically have to deal with a complex VAT supply chain. You are faced with complex regulations and have to comply with a large number of rules which are different from country to country. As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to properly assess the risks involved. Through our VAT scan you have the opportunity to get an initial insight into the tax risks you face in a relatively simple way.


In just one day, INSynQ’s VAT scan will give you a global insight into your potential tax risks. In the morning, one of our specialists will ask you approximately thirty questions. Your answers are then analyzed and processed. At the end of the day, the results of the scan will be presented and discussed with you in the form of a graph. This graph maps your VAT processes and shows which processes need or don’t need extra attention.


Mapping these tax risks is very important. Most VAT supply chains are very complex. Various suppliers, customers and cross-border transactions are involved. If you do not apply the international VAT rules correctly, you run the risk of fines and/or after-charges. Our scan makes your VAT process clear to you. It is the first important step towards a controlled VAT process. Does the scan show that you are at significant risk? If so, you can choose to have INSynQ perform a VAT assessment. The VAT assessment makes an in-depth analysis of your VAT risks and an improvement plan that makes the risks manageable.


Do you want to identify the VAT risks of your company? Then the VAT scan of INSynQ is for you. Would you like to know more about this scan? Here you can request more information.