Innovative ideas get wings at INSynQ

Organizations are constantly moving. New developments are happening at lightning speed. Think blockchain and Internet of Things, for example. Sitting back is not an option. It is the art to respond to new developments in a timely manner. Otherwise, the adage standstill is decline. Focus on innovation is in the DNA of INSynQ and is a priority. Management takes a bottom-up approach. It is important that the innovation comes from the employees themselves.

Breeding ground for ideas

INSynQ is known as an energetic company with engaged, enthusiastic employees. The daily contact with customers is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many employees. It’s a shame if this inspiration fades away. That’s why employees and teams are challenged, encouraged and facilitated to get started with their ideas. In addition to customer contact, team consultations, brainstorming sessions, knowledge sharing sessions are also a breeding ground for new ideas.

Added value for customer

Innovative ideas are therefore given wings at INSynQ. Internally, the SAP specialist turns into a real ideas factory. How is the metamorphosis going from idea to ready-made solution in practice? Every idea is placed along a proverbial yardstick. Two criteria play the main role in this assessment. First of all, it is important that an innovative idea has added value for the customer. Then we look at whether INSynQ is ready to put the idea into practice. Do we have sufficient knowledge, experience and resources? Or is it necessary to invest in additional training and systems?

Pitching ideas

Good ideas don’t disappear into a filing cabinet at INSynQ. Twice a month, employees get the chance to pitch their idea to the so-called Innovation Board. These sessions are accessible and seem to be in line with well-known TV formats such as Holland’s got Talent or The Voice of Holland, complete with seats that turn around or a yes/no push button.

Solution for housing associations

Several viable, innovative ideas have been born in recent months. In the evenings, for example, some employees started working to link the measurement of air quality to SAP. They bought print plates and soldered them together. The result is a sensor that housing associations can use to measure the concentration of carbon monoxide and the temperature in a home. In case of faults or too high values, a technician is quickly controlled via a clutch in SAP. Curious about this innovative solution? INSynQ will present this innovation during the next edition of the Corporation Square: 26 September in Houten.

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