INSynQ family day 2019

On Sunday, June 23, 2019, we met at the Lodge of Safaripark de Beekse Bergen. After receiving coffee, tea, ranja and a delicious zebra pastry, our adventure began. In two groups we got into the giraffe bus or the zebra bus, which took us to the entrance to the park.


With the binoculars at the ready, hats on and heavily smeared with sunscreen we were let go. Where one chose an elephant path and the other a hare path, the other went into the boat to spot animals from the water. At every meander in the river and every split on the paths, other beautiful beasts were spotted, but it was also getting warmer. We are in a different area in terms of flora and fauna, but also in terms of temperature.

The bird of prey show was very popular at the INSynQudde.

Not only were we spectators, but some of us actually actively participated:

TOUGH (Nils) TOUGHER (Marinus) TOUGHEST (Vera)


At lunch we could enjoy fries, or a sandwich and a drink. Lovely to stay in the shade under the beautiful tall trees of the park. After lunch and playing in the playground there was still plenty of time to see all kinds of wild, terrifying or very different animals. Here on the left is a mother monkey with her four child monkeys.  On the right a real (lazy) horse.

An exciting moment on the day… when a crocodile had worked a Greefje inside, but luckily it was not a real crocodile and it was Good Luuk who got Sofie out of the mouth of the monster!


To conclude we got another private safari ride through the park. We were allowed to spot a waterbuck calf ourselves. The buses eventually took us back to the safe lodge, where a delicious BBQ was waiting for us.

Oh… The beasts in the park chased us for a few more days. Although we hadn’t seen them, the processionary caterpillars did spot us and for most of us this lead to unpleasant consequences.

It was another great INSynQ family day. A day with all the trimmings, where the employee and family were pampered by the company for a day.