SAP Business ByDesign, Cloud Solution for SMEs

Business operations in small and medium-sized businesses place different requirements on a SAP application than the business operations of large (international) companies. This means that the ERP solution SAP S/4HANA feels like an expensive jacket that is far too big, with all kinds of pockets and zippers that you do not use in an SME. With SAP Business ByDesign, SAP has developed a smaller brother that does justice to the wishes and specifications of SMEs and subsidiaries of large organizations.

Fully integrated cloud solution

Business ByDesign is a fully integrated cloud solution that contains all the necessary ERP functionalities in the base. From finance to human resource management. Because this application runs in the cloud, it offers many functional and financial advantages. As an SME entrepreneur, you do not need additional software or links to external interfaces. Furthermore, storage and management are no longer issues. SAP controls maintenance and product releases from a central server. You don’t have to worry about that. This service is included in the price of a license.

Implementation Business ByDesign
The implementation of the ‘on premise’ version of an ERP system normally takes a long time. It is a time-consuming process to align business processes with the functionalities in SAP. INSynQ consultants take the opposite path when introducing Business ByDesign. They strive to standardize business processes so that they match the available functionalities. The focus is therefore mainly on activities that deviate from the standard. This way of working ensures a shorter and cheaper implementation time. The length of this of course remains dependent on the processes, the number of users and the time available.

Tailor-made training on location

If your company chooses Business ByDesign, we will take your employees by the hand and our consultants and engineers will ensure a flawless implementation from start to finish. The customized training on location is part of this personal service. INSynQ considers it important that your employees can work independently with this handy application in the long term.
Foreign growth

Business By Design also facilitates growth if your company has plans to enter the foreign market. Several localizations are integrated in this solution as standard. For example, does your company do business with Germany? In that case you will automatically use the correct VAT rates and accounting schemes. The forms required by the Tax Authorities are also integrated in the package. You can therefore submit your VAT return quickly, easily and correctly with Business By Design.

Useful dashboard functions

Are you going to work with this powerful application yourself? Then you will soon discover the big difference with the user-friendliness that was commonplace a few years ago. Business By Design excels in a very accessible user interface. For example, it is possible to choose a number of handy, free apps. Think of time registrations, project management or approval flows. It is also possible to set up the dashboard so that you can see the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a glance when you log in. If desired, you can visualize these KPIs in the form of tables, bar charts or graphs. The choice is yours.

Customization for housing corporations

Currently, the engineers of INSynQ are finalizing a special implementation of Business By Design for housing corporations. This customized variant responds to specific issues that play a role in this industry. You will soon receive more information about this sector-specific version.

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