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MADD: Mergers and acquisitions

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SAP Business ByDesign

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SAP Turn-a-Round

MADD: Mergers and acquisitions

Projects in which business units are merged, acquired or divested are called MADD projects. The abbreviation MADD stands for Merger, Acquisition, Disentanglement or Divestment. Mergers and acquisitions are extremely complex, as is the unbundling of business units. Such a reform is often accompanied by difficult changes. Also in the field of IT. INSynQ supports the IT department with the technical aspects of this change. We help you reclassify business processes and we make sure it connects to your system. In addition, we are happy to mediate between the wishes of the management and the IT department of your company.


MADD projects often have a strict delivery date. Usually, the IT department does not receive information about the changes until later. The choices made already have an impact on the IT department. As a result any changes and adjustments to the IT activities will come under pressure. INSynQ helps IT departments to continue to make the right choices and ensure the quality of IT activities under this time pressure. A quick and pragmatic approach is central to this.


INSynQ’s business consultants have extensive experience in managing mergers and acquisitions. They are able to guide organizations in a balanced manner during the merging, take over or unbundling of business units. We use experience charts to deal with any risks quickly and expertly. Where necessary, we use tools to analyze data and processes and get them in order quickly.


Do you want to merge, take over or divest business units? And do you need help with the technical component of this change? Then the MADD project is something for your company. Interested? Contact us via the online contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign offers solutions for companies from 5 employees. INSynQ can implement these affordable and user-friendly solutions in a short period of time. Solutions that provide you with fast results, can be linked together, enable mutual exchange of data and provide real-time insight.


SAP Business ByDesign is the most complete on-demand ERP solution for small and medium-sized companies and subsidiaries of large organizations. SAP Business ByDesign has all the necessary functionality to meet the needs of your entire organization:

    • Corporate Performance
    • Sourcing & Procurement
    • Project Management
    • Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management
    • Accounting & Finance
    • CRM, Sales & Marketing
    • Service & Support
    • Human Resource Management


SAP Business ByDesign is completely on-demand. On-demand means no longer investing in IT hardware and IT management, but predictable costs, maximum availability and optimal security. Via a secure internet connection and a standard web browser, you have access to your assets and reports regardless of your location.


Based on more than 40 years of best practices, INSynQ is able to implement SAP Business ByDesign quickly. You will have access to over 40 built-in business scenarios which are immediately deployable. Of course, SAP Business ByDesign is customizable, so you can respond quickly to changing needs. SAP Business ByDesign features a completely new user interface, designed to maximize end-user productivity. This was achieved by taking the role of the individual employee, an integrated learning environment and extensive analysis functions into account. In short: SAP Business ByDesign meets your expectations and meets the needs of both the users and the management of your organization.


    • No investments in IT hardware and IT management;
    • Pay per use model, so flexible upscaling and downscaling and preventing divestments;
    • Gain real-time insight through integrated analysis and reporting functionality (built within the SAP HANA database);
    • Always and everywhere access to the desired functionalities and insights through the standard available mobile applications;
    • Rapid implementation and increased efficiency within your organization through built-in and sophisticated end-to-end processes;

    Reliable and highly secured SAP data centers from which your SAP Business ByDesign environment is offered. No additional investments are required to purchase and manage an extensive system landscape, security and backup. SAP guarantees that your data remains within the same jurisdiction. Which means that you no longer have to worry about the security, reliability and availability of your data.

SAP Business ByDesign supports the 2-tier model that allows you to utilize the strengths of your organizational structure: strength and stability of the parent company and speed, flexibility and customer relationship of the subsidiaries. SAP Business ByDesign connects seamlessly to the on-premise and / or on-demand SAP environment of the parent company. Your subsidiaries perform better and you keep an overview


SAP Business ByDesign distinguishes itself by an extensive pallet of possibilities to adapt the solution to your wishes and requirements . International partners and customers (partial) solutions realized from the SAP Store. In addition, SAP with Cloud Studio offers the possibility to realize adjustments, extensions and interfaces for you.


Would you like to know more about SAP Business ByDesign? Or do you have any questions about this proven INSynQ solution? Ask your question via the online contact form . We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your request.

SAP Turn-a-Round

Did you already start at reclassifying your SAP software, but you are facing several problems? Your well defined project plan is diverging from objective, and is not in sync with your business processes? Or, is professional assistance highly desired? Companies, who have to deal with unsuccesful projectimplementation can approach INSynQ to uplift their project successfully. Project ‘Turn-a-Round’ is key in our solution. Together with you, we will find the most optimal methodology to align your business process in the SAP system.


An INSynQ specialist will assist you in aligning business processes and SAP system most optimally. For spotless implementation, all our senior business consultants have a profound SAP knowledge and excellent knowhow of business processes. This integral approach from both technical as well as organisation point of view will highly contribute to synergy between people, processes and system. This methodology has resulted in many succesful SAP implementations.


A SAP-implementation will lead you through organizational changes. And in addition, you constantly have to make important business decisions. In all stages, our senior business consultants will act as counterparts. The objective is to process the Turn-a-Round as smooth as possible. No time for SAP issues, because INSynQ is not linked to corporate goals of an implementation partner. The advantage of being independent, will include a safe, sound and critical view during Turn-a-Round to uplift the project quality constantly. Together with you, we will keep focussing closely your SAP-system to always be in sync with your business processes.

INSynQ SAP-assistance

Do you wish to redesign business processes and are you aiming at the right synergy in the SAP-system? The SAP Turn-a-Round project of INSynQ might be the right fit. Are you interested? Please, contact us through online contact form. We will approach you soon, to discuss your request.