WM-Tile table visualizes logistics processes in warehouse

WM-Tile Table visualizes logistics processes in warehouse

Managing a warehouse professionally, requires a tailor-made warehouse management system. How do you make the right choice for the system that includes all logistics processes in your warehouse? To facilitate this decision, INSynQ developed a practical tool with the WM Tile Table to make these logistics processes transparent and negotiable. In this article we would like to outline the history, the method and the advantages of the WM-Tile table.

Participation in Warehouse Insight

The idea for the WM Tile Table arose during the preparation of the Warehouse Insight 2019 fair in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, capital of the Dutch Noord-Brabant province. The theme of this fair was ‘The art of WMS & material handling’. INSynQ made an appearance for the first time during this trade fair. The idea was to pitch the applications SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management interactively. The presentation of both applications on a screen is often too static or too distant. With the WM Tile Table, INSynQ created a tool that increases the involvement of trade fair visitors and makes both IT solutions tangible for logistics specialists.

Visualization of main and secondary processes

The WM Tile Table consists of a table with a frame and a large number of tiles. The tiles are printed in boldland form the main prerequisite processes, at least necessary for a warehouse to function properly. The tiles not printed in bold, contain the minor processes, also playing a role in the warehouseBased on 5 main functionalities in a warehouse (Inbound, Storage, Outbound, Crossdocking and Yardmanagement), the tiles are laid with main and secondary processes. The minimum required processes are standard on the table. In consultation with the logistics specialist (read: potential customer), the INSynQ consultant installs the tiles with additional processes. This visualization of logistics processes makes it possible to discuss the current state of affairs in the warehouse and future needs together.

Leeway for the WM system

Every logistics specialist has his own warehouse, and is working daily to achieve logistical added values, as monitored by KPIs fortime-consumption, error reduction, cost savings and / or route optimization. In many warehouses, people are using SAP WM as a warehouse management system. It is difficult to properly highlight the benefits of a necessary switch to SAP EWM. The WM Tile Table offers a solution in this discussion or in the sales process that precedes this transition. The WM Tile Table is a practical tool for determining and setting up the play space of the WM system. SAP WM is restricted to a number of built-in standard solutions, and in general customization is required for specific solutions. SAP EWM is equipped with these standard functionalities. So, it is necessary to find outwhich customized processes a warehouse is currently using. In SAP you can make a printout of the percentage of custom processes. If the balance shifts to customization, then SAP EWM seems a logical step.

Segway to a next appointment

During the Warehouse Insight trade fair, various logistics specialists spoke about the WM-Tile table with our consultants and/or sales managers from the INSynQ Warehouse team. A photo has been taken of the configuration of main and secondary processes. This photo is a great start for a follow-up appointment. Fair visitors are sent this photo and a homework assignment is given. They are requested to prepare a list of questions for the second interview. In this way, both INSynQ and the logistics specialist can have an efficient follow-up meeting.

Make an appointment?

The INSynQ Warehouse team received many positive reactions on the WM-Tile table during and after Warehouse Insight. Many visitors were enthusiastic about the easy to understand visualization of their main and secondary logistics processes. Aa better understanding of the possible solution was experienced, and thus created a positive impression of the professional level and quality of INSynQ and her SAP consultants. Are you interested in a session with the WM-Tile table? Call (040) 800 15 00 or fill in the contact form to make an appointment.

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